Tim Fuller´s Wild-scape Photo Collection

Why Wild-scape Photography?

As a student in Newcastle during the early 1980's Tim developed his love for photography. After having a number of second (or more) hand cameras his first proper one was a Yashica FR1. This along with numerous inspirational visits to the Side Gallery, led to a large collection of black and white images, all self developed.


From there largely due to cost Tim experimented with colour slides, and soon a large collection of these developed. The strong form of the urban landscape, contrasting with the regeneration that was going on at the time in the North East was a strong influence.


Moving to the present day, rather than focusing on how man has tamed his environment, Tim focuses on how nature is interacting with that environment, be it human or natural. This has lead to his "wild-scape" style of photography, which is largely as a result of the "in your face" wild nature that can be found around where he is living.

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